The DS system provides a high standard of security without placing any restrictions on the living habits of the user. Supported by individual loops, selective criteria can be defined by the user to allow or prevent the movement of vehicles. The individual modules can be adapted to the space available at the site of installation.

The sub-surface part of the DS system can be mounted under the ground without any difficulty.

The Fox model of the TIRE STOPPER was conceived by DURABLE SECURITY SYSTEMS e.K. as a method of controlling traffic movement areas without the need for personnel. The FOX model was developed in order to have an effect solely on motor vehicle tires and not on the people inside such vehicles.

On request, a wash system with drainage pump can be integrated and the Fox can therefore be installed in dusty, chalky or sandy terrain. In areas where the temperature can fall below zero, the Fox model can also be fitted with a steam tracer.

Design features:

50 mm thick teeth made of alloyed, hot-galvanized steel with a surface layer of non-slip zinc-grit. The housing, which is recessed into the ground, is also hot-galvanized. The whole system operates hydraulically and is activated/deactivated manually or, on request, via inductive loops.

Effects and results:

In its non-blocking position, it is level with the surface of the roadway and serves as a drain for rainwater. In addition, it does not hinder any snow-clearing and sweeping work that has to be done.

In its blocking position, the 13 cm long teeth point upwards and represent an insurmountable obstacle for all standard road vehicles.


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